Our Mission: Coastal Audiology is dedicated to offering families improved quality of life through comprehensive and individualized hearing healthcare

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Coastal Audiology & Hearing Aid Center in Pooler

Services Hearing Aids Pooler in Savannah

Services we offer at Coastal Audiology include:

  • Hearing Aid Evaluations (please allow 1-2 hours)
  • Includes comprehensive hearing test (not screening)
    • Discussion of results-explanation of test results, configuration of hearing loss
    • Hearing aid demonstration, if necessary and available
    • Audiologist's Recommendations
  • Hearing Aid Demonstrations of the latest technology
  • Minor in office repairs shell repairs for holes and/or cracks
    • replacement of removal strings
    • battery door replacement
  • Hearing Aid Repairs for all makes and models
  • Hearing Protection Device
  • Musician's in-ear monitors
  • Musician's earplugs
  • Hunter's hearing protection
  • Shooter's plugs (sonic valve)
  • Communication products
  • Bluetooth headset custom earmolds
  • custom earphone covers for iPods, MP3 players, etc
  • Newscaster custom molds
  • Telephone headset custom earpieces
  • Swim Plugs (same day available)
  • Infant Hearing Screenings
  • School Screenings (as required by state law)
  • Industrial Screenings (for OSHA compliance)
  • Service package is available for hearing instruments purchased elsewhere.
  • Loaner hearing aids often available for aids needing factory repairs.

Your First Visit
At the first visit, you will need to fill out some simple forms telling us about yourself, your medical history, your hearing loss, and your insurance coverage. If you wish, you can fill out some of these forms  at home and bring them with you to your appointment. The links to the forms are below. Click on the appropriate heading and select print. This will save you some time. Please also bring the following with you:

-Insurance card(s)
-Your referral/order or your hearing evaluation from your primary care physician (many times, we have pre-arranged to have this information sent directly to our office prior to your appointment.)
-Your co-payment/payment. We accept cash, checks, credit/debit cards displaying Visa, MasterCard logos, Discover, American Express, and the Citi Health Card. 
-A list of current prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you are taking (unless you have completed the appropriate section within our paperwork)

After the forms are completed, we will sit down with you and talk about your hearing, evaluate your ability to hear in our sound booth, and then talk about solutions and the kinds of options available. The appointment will take about and hour and a half.

Most of the time, you'll be able to try something that day or you can go home and call us later if you want us to help.  What matters most is that you are comfortable with any decision you make regarding your hearing.

It can be especially helpful to bring someone with you to your appointment. They may be able to help answer questions and provide 'a second set of ears' when you have questions later. It is also important to hear a voice you're used to listening to gauge how well you hear during a demonstration.

We are a preferred provider for most insurance plans (for a full list, please see our 'Insurance & Financing' page). We can assist you in handling the 'red tape' and paperwork needed to maximize any benefit you may have.

Please note: We make every effort to see patients at their scheduled appointment time, and not a minute later. We do not double-book appointments and all appointments are reserved specifically for you. If you are scheduled for an appointment at our office, we respectfully request that you complete paperwork either prior to arriving for your appointment or by arriving at least 15 minutes before your actual appointment time. If this is not possible, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

We ask that if you are unable to keep your appointment, you give as much notice as possible (preferably 24 hours or more) so we may allow someone waiting for an appointment the opportunity to be seen sooner.
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