We are pleased to collaborate with Audiologists Karla McKenzie and Trisha Dibkey of My Hearing Aid Place to offer a warm hand-off of patients of Coastal Audiology. With years of experience and offices in Richmond Hill and Savannah, we are confident they will continue to treat our patients with the care and expertise needed to improve the lives of those with hearing loss. 

They can be reached by calling (912) 600-8775. You may also email them at: info@myhearingaidplace.com

*Please note this is our recommendation but you are under no obligation to establish with our recommended provider. Your records have not been sold. 

To each one who has trusted their hearing healthcare to us, we are thankful for you. This isn't the ending we planned. After nearly two decades serving those in the Coastal Empire and Low Country, our last day will be March 22, 2024. For those awaiting repairs, parts, earmolds, etc, please know those items are still in process and we will notify you of their arrival in the next few days. We are working out the details for transition of care to a local provider so you will know who to contact moving forward. This has happened quite quickly and we are still figuring out next steps for our business and our family. Should you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We merely ask for your grace in returning messages and calls. Just as you may have questions or concerns, others do as well. It's an honor you shared so much of your life with us and to share ours with you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Click the Contact Us tab in the navigation above to send us a message or request your pertinent records. 

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Coastal Audiology will be closing effective March 22, 2024.

Current patients can call My Hearing Aid Place for appointments or service to your devices        (912) 600-8775. You may email them at info@myhearingaidplace.com

Please note this is who we recommend but you may establish with a provider of your choice. 

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