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on The Balancing Act regarding Cognivue.


Cognivue® is not a mandatory part of your examination, but it is a valuable tool we use to assess how your cognition which can impact your hearing healthcare. It is highly recommended for those who have concerns about memory and cognitive decline or those with a current diagnosis of memory loss, dementia, and/or cognitive decline. Cognivue is $40 out of pocket.

Because hearing loss can impact cognition, we feel it is imperative to screen cognitive function. One of the most important parts of your hearing exam today is the Cognivue®. Unlike cognitive testing done using paper and pencil tests, Cognivue® is based on neurophysiology and psychophysical research that dynamically tests cortical function. At the conclusion of your assessment, you will be given a copy of your results to share with your physician. We will also discuss your results and intervention strategies where applicable and appropriate. 

Cognivue® is the first self-administered computerized test of cognitive function that’s FDA-cleared and completed in just 5-minutes. A large scale study conducted in 2014 compared Cognivue® to standard neuropsychological tests and led to the FDA-clearance of the device to assess cognitive function in our patients. 

Cognivue® evaluates three cognitive domains: memory, visuospatial, and executive function. Cognivue® also measures two speed performance parameters: reaction time and speed processing which can affect hearing aid performance when applicable. These domains and parameters are key to overall performance at any age. 

The slow onset of hearing loss can have a significant impact on several key brain functions, including the memory, hearing, speech and language portions of cognition. Hearing impairment is a greater risk factor for cognitive decline and dementia than other individual mid-life risks. The proactive management of modifiable risk factors such as hearing loss may delay or slow the onset or progression of diseases such as Alzheimer's. 

It is also how we determine the best possible plan of care for your auditory function, which is essential information for us to have as we assess your ears and look for problems.

It is NOT a covered service by Medicare and other insurance plans. Our office fee for Cognivue® is $40 this fee is due at the time of service, in addition to any co-payment or deductible your plan may require.