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Our Mission: Coastal Audiology is dedicated to offering families improved quality of life through  comprehensive and individualized hearing healthcare. 

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EarMail  by Coastal Audiology

EarMail by Coastal Audiology is a ​​bi-monthly subscription box customized for hearing aid wearers. It includes a 2-month supply of batteries, wax guards (applicable), replacement ear tips (when applicable). Occasionally we'll throw in something fun or new to help you maintain your hearing aids. 

Your hearing aids are a significant investment that isn't maintenance free. By properly powering your devices with professional-grade batteries and properly cleaning and replacing worn out supplies, you can rest assured that you are doing all you can to maximize the lifespan of your devices. 

EarMail Highlights:

  • ​Every other month, your customized EarMail is shipped to the address you provide without you having to leave your home.
  • You save money when you subscribe to EarMail! On average, you would pay $25.00 for the supplies included with EarMail and you would have to come to our office to pick them up. For $19.99 every other month, EarMail is sent to your home automatically!
  • Each EarMail package is hand-picked to give each subscriber the supplies needed for their specific make, model, and style instrument(s). You no longer have to guess about what size dome you need, what size battery you require, or if you have the correct wax guard. Once we have the information, your package will arrive every other month for as long as you are a subscriber. 
  • You do NOT have to be a patient of record of Coastal Audiology to subscribe to EarMail! Once we have your device details, we can customize an EarMail pack that is for your specific device(s)-all makes & models!

EarMail is great for nearly every hearing aid wearer. But is is the perfect solution for:

  • people who work and find it difficult to get to our office to pick up the correct supplies
  • adult children who live far away from a parent who wears hearing aids yet they want to rest assured their loved-one is getting the supplies they need and the right ones. 
  • individuals who no longer drive and depend on others to take them where they need to go. 
  • hearing aid wearers who have relocated and need to establish care and find a provider to maintain their devices. 

To begin your EarMail bi-monthly subscription, complete the form below. If we have questions, someone will reach out via email or telephone to clarify and your subscription will be on its way shortly! At this time, subscriptions are fulfilled on a rolling admission, meaning you will receive your package bi-monthly based off the day you initially order. 

If you are a patient of record at Coastal Audiology, we have the information requested below. Please complete the Name, Email, Phone, and Paypal information below. You may also choose to upload anything you feel may assist us with fulfilling your subscription correctly. 

If you are not a current patient of record at Coastal Audiology, that's ok! We would still love the opportunity to serve you through EarMail! Please complete the form below as completely as possible. If you do not know, that's ok too! We can contact (with your permission of course!) who fit your with your devices or the manufacturer. The great news is that once we have the information, we have it and you won't have to enter it again (unless you change your hearing aids.)

1) Complete the form below and hit submit.

2) Click the Subscribe button to be taken to PayPal. 

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